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TEC 22: Additional fine-tuning needed regarding decision making for treatment of refugee camps/IDPs


  • TEC notes that there is continued difficulty in making evidence-based decisions in the context of refugees and internally-displaced persons (IDPs), which indicates the need for clarification of the decision-making guidelines

  • The TEC considered whether a survey in a fluid population provides any actionable information; and recognizes other methodologies that allow more flexibility and context-specific data capture may be needed. The experience of other programs working in similar situations may be instructive to the trachoma community in determining the necessary indicators to allow ITI to determine the point when MDA with Zithromax® is no longer needed.

  • The TEC Refugee/IDP Committee will think through these issues and bring thinking to the next TEC meeting for further consideration, particularly around the issue of data gathering in these populations. The Committee is now comprised of Chad, Robin, Stephanie, and David.


A sub-committee meeting is tentatively planned for May 27th.

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