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Given the lack of funding support for the Central African Republic trachoma program, TEC recommends to ITI to encourage the national program to submit a funding request to ESPEN for MDA.

This recommendation has been shared with the country.


  • Highlight in country applications areas that are suspected endemic

  • Highlight districts with no partner and no funding source (either in maps, narrative, or applications)


The following edits were been made to the 2022 Applications:

  • Districts that have been identified as “suspected endemic” by the Ministry are identified in the “Comments” column

  • When an implementing and/or funding partner is ‘unsure’ or there is ‘none’, they have been highlighted in red


TEC welcomed the participation of colleagues from DFID-ASCEND Lot 1 at TEC 22 and appreciated the information presented. TEC recommends that ITI continue to work with the DFID-ASCEND Lot 1 partnership and invite them to future TEC meetings.


An invitation was extended and accepted to the TEC 23 and TEC 24 meetings.

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