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TEC 22: Ensuring access to Zithromax® donation to all at-risk populations


  • The TEC noted that there are still areas that are unmapped – due in part to insecurity, access issues, and lack of funding (e.g., DRC, South Sudan, Lake Chad Basin [Chad and Nigeria], Amazon Basin).

  • TEC also raised concerns over “statistically invisible” populations (e.g., migratory populations, refugees, internally displaced persons) which are not adequately represented/sampled in current survey methodologies to ensure equitable access to the Zithromax® donation and surgical services.

  • Lack of MDA partners and funding source in these areas is an added challenge.

  • The TEC raised concerns about how to encourage progress towards elimination in these areas, and how to ensure that ongoing transmission in these areas doesn’t affect surrounding areas that are under treatment. The TEC recommended that ITI include details about suspected endemic areas in country documents and presentations at future TEC meetings; discuss with countries with unmapped areas to understand the support they need; discuss with ICTC how to mobilize funding and partners and develop an approach to get the mapping done.


Work on this recommendation is ongoing. As noted above, districts identified by national programs as suspected endemic have been noted in the “Comments” column of the Zithromax®️ Application.

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